What we do


From concept all the way through to reality, we create designs of the built environment destined to last and to being enjoyed, and advise on several aspects on sustainability and latest ergonomic findings for the overall well-being of our environment and users of our designs


We also provide Project / Construction management services founded on our technical expertise, long experience & documented proven competencies in Planning, Design and Build


We build our designs. And if designs come from others, we build only if what’s been designed can & should be built. We stand for “Building Sensibly”. Accordingly, if a design or any form of request makes little technical, commercial or ergonomic sense, we will advise in view of that, and work towards constructing what will achieve a rational & meaningful result


Between our landscape architects, plant specialists, civil engineers and irrigation specialists, we have created some beautiful gardens, walkways and greeneries which fill the eye with natural & sustainable beauty, adding tremendous value to the overall built environment


Our crews maintain our projects. So if we have designed and / or built a project, we would be happy to maintain it for as long as the client wishes.